Get out the straighteners, im going back to work!

Being a mum is the hardest job in the world. If you advertised for it, it would read:

WANTED – someone to work 7 days a week, including nights. You need to be a cook, nurse, negotiator, cleaner, ironing lady, story teller, stylist, driver, activities director and preferably good at ball sports. Also, you wont be paid. This is a love job.

Hmm, tempting??  No wonder I’m keen to go back to paid work and outsource some of the less palatable jobs listed above.  Since my school days, I’ve been told that our generation of women can “have it all”. For a few moments in time, I have had it all…but it’s exhausting, requires military precision to achieve and I’m not convinced that its worth it.

My day swings from gorgeous moments- the cuddles, tickles and unique conversations – to the drudgery.  You know what I mean – wishing the day away as it stretches out before you, the inane questions, the groundhog feeling that exists even on weekends. Paid work is so much easier as there’s one task to concentrate on and the people around you generally don’t throw tantrums, vomit on you or accidentally head butt you nearly every day.

I miss the feeling of being part of a work team – together, having a giggle and being in control of your time. I know I’ll never have this time again (especially as we’re not having any more kids) but I can’t help but feel that the world is flying by without me.  Some days that scares me and others its a blessing. It’s a treat to take your time, put off jobs and literally smell the roses.  On rainy days, we head back to bed at 9:30am for a cuddle and stories. Precious times that won’t happen when my boys are at school and “on the clock”.

Our little family is a vibrant, noisy unit. When we’re at home together, we’re in a ten metre square radius at all times. When life eventually speeds up again, I know ill take sanctuary in my little family. Even if the cuddles with ted leave me splattered with dribble.

Let the juggle begin!


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